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How to make 1000 $ a day ?

How can you make 1000 $ a day , 30000 dollars a month, six figure income a year ?

I’m a software developer, website developer, IT specialist and blogger. I’m 31 years old and is have been in the business since 1999 when web was just dynamic HTML pages and internet was so small that you could stumble upon all web pages in 5 to 6 hours . Is have my bachelor’s degree in computer applications my masters is in social media and I’m undergoing my P.H.D in ecommerce. is attended every single seminar, webinar , meeting and courses about online marketing, sales , relations , etc. is as a CEO of an advertising company and Founder of a web design and development company and a mobile software development company with 7 figures income as one of the best in middle east telling you that :

it's possible to make 1000 a day online

the secret to online success is traffic

there are numerous ways of getting traffic online
we are going to suggest programs that shows you how to get more traffic

Work with us

guest author required

we are looking for people with experience in affiliate marketing , internet marketing , social media marketing

submitting articles to our website rewarded with backlinks to their website and social media pages from the article + exclusive page in our website introducing them to our growing audience .


due to much complaints of copied content on what we believed could be a news aggregation website and due to high costs of web servers we brought an end to our news aggregation era .
we are trying to renew our website with lots of user generated content about “online marketing” “search engine marketing” and provide tools for that on mobile and computer devices .
as we are desperate to found our product because we are an start up from Iran and no big advertising agency will support us . we have had two ways to found our site :
1. find chip advertising agencies with suitable terms for us , like adcash and infolinks to found our site .
2. find affiliate programs to found our site
due to lots of complaints about adcash spamming our users we removed adcash from our site and founds from infolinks were not enough . so we were desperate and the only other way were to find some affiliate programs to found us.
we have researched lots of affiliate programs and found ones with high quality to provide our users with . we were surprised to find out once again we could not break the deadlock as this time google have removed us from index because of chip affiliate content .
as our CEO Ghafar Tehrani has a huge spirit and is not ready to give up , he himself started managing the website and generating content with the tight schedule he has on his hands .
we respectfully ask google to index us and we promise to generate high value content in our website everyday from now
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